Chelmsford Golf Club

Temporary Local Rules

October 7th 2019 Preferred Lies in Operation

When a player’s ball lies on a part of the general area cut to fairway height or less, it may be lifted once without penalty, and may be cleaned. They must replace the original ball, or another, on a spot within a relief area. 
• Reference Point: The spot of the original ball.
• Relief Area: The size of the relief area is up to 6 inches (150 mm) from the reference point, not nearer the hole than the reference point, and which is in the general area. 
In proceeding under this local rule the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedures for replacing the ball under rules 14.2b(2) and 14.2e.
Penalty for breach of Local Rule: General Penalty (Matchplay: loss of hole, Strokeplay: two stroke penalty)
Note: When lifting a ball it is recommended that a player marks the position of the ball to establish a fixed reference point.

9th Hole from 10th July 2019

The area of damage at the rear of the 9th green may be treated as an abnormal course condition (ACC). (Rule 16.1)
Relief is available if the ACC interferes with your stance, your intended swing, or your ball. If utilised, full relief must be taken. (Rule 16.1a)
If your ball is on the green, and the ACC intervenes on your line of play, you may move it to the nearest point which is not interfered with by the ACC.  If this point is on the green, you must place your ball. If it is off the green, you must drop it. Your relief area is one club length. (Rule 16.1d)
There is no relief from this ACC if your ball is off the green unless your stance is on the ACC

Fencing Around Renovated Bunkers 

With ‘winter rules’ in play, it is permissible to substitute another ball (from the bucket) to play towards the green, if you are on the fairway (or area cut to fairway height). However, it is not possible if the ball is off the fairway.  Doing so would be incorrectly substituting a ball, rule 6.3(b), which carries the general penalty.

The fencing around the new bunkers is classed as an immovable obstruction and relief can be taken without penalty rule 16.1

As an additional option, the dropping zones may be used:

The player does not have to stand in the dropping zone when dropping the ball.

When a player is using a dropping zone, the relief area is defined by that dropping zone and the ball must be dropped in and come to rest in the dropping zone (see Rule 14.3).

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