Chelmsford Golf Club

On the Course (Winter)

Important Information (updated November 2021):

Buggy and Trolley policy 

Please click here for the buggy and trolley policy (VERSION 20102021)

Additionally, can players ensure they do not wheel their trolleys in between bunkers and the Greens.

Ropes & Hoops - In order to preserve the 'prime real estate' around certain sections of the course, we have deployed low level ropes and white hoops.  Please be aware of the ropes as you approach the Greens and be careful should you need to step over/under them. The hoops depict an area that is prone to becoming very muddy and as such are closed to footfall. If you need to remove the hoops to play a shot, please replace them in the same position afterwards.

Safety on the Course

We would ask Members to appreciate that the Greenkeeper's work during any given day inevitably brings them into close contact with play.  Often they cannot immediately stop what they are doing, principally as they would get nothing meaningful completed. Please offer the Greenkeepers your full courtesy and do not play until it is absolutely safe to do so. A simple acknowledgement is usually the best way.

Members are reminded of a previous announcement regarding safety on the 10th hole. Once a group has driven off and approached their ball, the player furthest from the Green should play their shot and remain in view of the Tee until it is safe for those on the Tee to proceed. 

On the Course (General)

Members are respectfully reminded that those Teeing Off before 8.00am* do not have standing on the Course and that the Greenkeepers have absolute right of way to complete the tasks they are undertaking. Your standing only returns once you have arrived at either the 1st or 10th (on the turn) after 8.00am. *Does not apply to Booked Tees on Competition Days.

Dogs are not allowed on the course.

Pitchmarks are still an issue. Can Members please repair any pitchmarks they see, whether they made them or not. This will ensure smoother Greens and you may even possibly hole more putts !

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